Pennsylvania DMV Change Of Address

Pennsylvania DMV Change Of Address

As I was trying to find out what information is listed on a pa drivers license change of address card, I found out that I can change the information online. Is this true?

Yes, you can change the address information on your license by filing out a few forms online. These include a DL-80CD, DL-143CD, and a DL-901. Online applications and forms have made the process for changing address on a license very convenient. You can learn more about address change by browsing through our pages.

Can you give me some information about penndot change of address from NJ?

If you have moved from NJ to PA, and wish to get your address changed on your license or registration, you will have to get in touch with The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The Department will provide you with a DL-80 form to fill out. These can also be filled out and submitted online easily.

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