Virginia DMV Change Of Address

Real Estate markets in the United States are on the up. Thanks to the people taking interest in selling or purchase property. Change of your living address is a comprehensive process. If you are thinking about moving, a lot of things need to be done. Hiring a truck for the safe transfer of the furniture to filling out the conveyance deed of the property. Also it takes time to adjust to the new living environment and neighborhood, changing schools for your children if the previous ones are located far from home. Everyone knows it is a tiring process.

Most of us forget that with this we also have to inform our state’s department of motor vehicles that we have changed our address. The local DMV requires you to keep an updated profile throughout. This would in turn help you in case of any emergency.

The process of Virginia DMV change of address is rather simple. You have to go to your nearest site office of the department of motor vehicles. Make sure you have all valid documents for your car registration, insurance and most importantly bring proper identification and proof of your new address.

If you are too busy to visit the office yourself, there is an alternative. You can also do this online. For updating your profile online, you are required to have a PIN (Personal Identification Number) issued by the DMV. In case you do not have this on you then you can always request DMV for one. Once your request has been processed and you are issued a PIN, you can go online to update your new address.

This can also be done over the phone in case the aforementioned ways do not suit you well. You can call at any of these toll-free numbers: (866) DMV-LINE (368-5463) or (800) 435-5137.

You can also request for an updated driver’s license or photo ID and registration card for your vehicle upon the change of address with Virginia DMV.

It is a relatively simple process and one must not undermine its importance. In case of any unpleasant situation if your personal information does not synchronize with one submitted to DMV, you are likely to face trouble.

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