Change Your Last Name For Driver’s License

Changing your last name is a legal process which begins in the courts and ends up in the DMV office. Following the proper steps to change your last name is essential.

Just telling everyone that you have a new last name is not enough to actually change it. Though all of these people may have been at your wedding and given you an okay, but not really what you wanted gift, there are other people you didn’t invite to the wedding that need to know. The government sure knows how to take the fun out of everything, don’t they?

After the Wedding – How to Change Your Last Name

First things first, when you finally say, “”I do,”” enjoy it for a moment because it’s about to get tricky. When you’re heading off on your honeymoon, it might be a good idea to not change your name or even start the process. After all, you might not like the guy at the end of the trip. In truth, the process of changing your name is a complicated one, and it can take some time for you to get your new social security card and driver’s license. So, wait on doing this until you get back from the beach or the slopes or from wherever you went to escape the family for a few days.

The first step to getting a new last name is to go to the social security office, preferably as soon as you get off the plane. This place is always crowded and filled with people who have problems much more complicated than a name change. Go early and bring a book. Here, you will need to present a certified marriage certificate as well as an ID (driver’s license, passport) and your ‘old’ social security card. They’ll make you fill out a form and then you get to wait until you are called up. The Social Security Administration will also let the IRS know of your name change. No getting out of your taxes this year.

Next, you will want to head to the DMV where you will need to apply for a new driver’s license and maybe a new registration for your car. Again, this is going to take some muscle relaxants, your old driver’s license, a certified copy of your marriage certificate, and a check. But this should take you no more than a day to finish.

How to Change Your Last Name Everywhere Else

Call up everyone you pay money to and let them know your name has changed. This is the easiest way to approach it – open up your address book and start calling everyone who didn’t go to your wedding. No, you aren’t going to get more gifts, but they will know who to address your bills to, unfortunately. Next, you will want to start signing everything with your new name. That will make others know you’re serious about it too.

Remember, you need to get new credit cards, W2s, checks, and personalized notepads when you change your name. Are you really sure his last name is worth it?

I am confused about how to change last name on driver's license. Do I have to get a completely new license issued?

No you don’t have to go through the entire process of passing a driving test. All you need to do is collect all the important documents that prove your identity. These include your original ones such as your social security card, birth certificate as well as new ones such as your marriage license.

I just got married and took my husband's last name so please tell me how to change my last name on my driver's license?

You need to have all the relevant documents that prove your identity. These include your social security card, marriage license, birth license. Then you need to fill out the application form for a new license and tick where it says name change. You can also print out this form online but this will depend on your state, as will the fact whether you need to have a new picture taken or not.

What do you need to change your last name on your drivers license?

To change your last name on a drivers license and registration forms, you will have to complete some paperwork. It is firstly important that you get a new social security card and inform the IRS of your name change. The next step is to visit the local DMV office and provide proof of your new name, and fill out a form. The DMV office will verify all the paperwork and provide you with a new license or registration form in a few days.

What do i need to bring to the dmv to change my last name?

You need to bring documentation and proof of your new name, for example a marriage certificate. The rules and procedures of name change will depend upon the state you live in. It is important that you find out what guidelines exist in your state. The process is not too complicated. To find out more, take a look at our page.

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