Drivers Education in Alabama

Drivers’ education programs are implemented by the state in order to help new drivers gain a better understanding of the road and traffic laws of their state. They offer the first real chance for a driver to practice and improve his driving skills and become a more confident motorist. Since each state has  a separate department of motor vehicles or the DMV regulating motor vehicles, , drivers’ education training requirements are also different for each.
Alabama drivers’ education is mandatory for all new drivers under the age of 18, who possess a learning permit. Offered to students from the age of 16, these programs are available in high school curricula and by private institutions as well. Training is split into two modules, involving classroom lectures and behind-the-wheel driving. In the class, you will learn more about the traffic laws of Alabama and understand the various traffic signs that are used in your state. In addition, you will learn how to identify basic problems with your car’s running, and how to ensure a safer driving environment for you and other drivers.
The state of Alabama requires all Alabama drivers’ education programs to train students in 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, along with a certain amount of time where the student must observe a trained licensed professional operate the vehicle as well. As you continue to drive, you gain a better sense of how to control your car, and also learn how to drive defensively to avoid accidents.
Whether you choose a to take Alabama drivers’ education courses from your high school or from a private teaching firm, you should ensure that you are going through a  state-approved curriculum. This is important because these courses will award you with a completion certificate at the end, and this document is required by the Alabama DMV when you apply for an intermediate license. If your program is not approved by the state, you may be ineligible for a proper license, despite your training.
Drivers’ education inculcates a sense of responsibility and safety in a driver. It helps prevent rash driving by offering instructions at a relatively early age.

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