Drivers Education in Colorado

The Colorado drivers’ education program is among the most rigorous one in the United States. It aims to educate new drivers on all facets of the motoring experience in as thorough a manner as possible, to create the safest roads possible. With gradual increments in the training, students are able to gain a complete understanding of operating a vehicle and the laws of the state of Colorado.

Students as young as 15 years old can enroll in a state approved program and begin training immediately. Most Colorado drivers’ education programs are split across two different modules which focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of driving respectively. Your learning will involve sitting through classroom lectures which will teach you the different traffic law specific to Colorado, and also inform you about the penalties for violating the law. In addition, you will learn how to properly maintain your car and resolve basic problems with its running. From a theoretical standpoint, the material you learn is a great preparation for clearing the written component of your driving test as well.

The practical module involves a combination of observing a certified professional operate the vehicle, and then receiving some behind-the-wheel training yourself. The drivers’ education permit issued to you is the first form of licensing document in the process to achieving a complete license with full driving privileges. You will complete about 6 hours of training with the course you enroll in, and then you must take up additional training to make your total driving time up to 50 hours. The remaining 44 hours can be completed by driving in the supervision of a parent or guardian who is licensed.

Whether you enroll in a Colorado Drivers’ education program in your high school, or with a private company, you should ensure that the curriculum they cover is approved by the state. The disadvantage of enrolling in non-state approved course is that you will receive the training you need, but the certificate of completion will not count towards your license application. There is also a chance that the training you receive may be incorrect and you could suffer the penalties when you drive formally.

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