Drivers Education in Delaware

Much like other states in America, Delaware drivers’ education courses must be completed by all drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 in order to obtain a full license with complete driving privileges. These measures are implemented by the state to help new drivers gain enough experience with driving before they are authorized to drive on their own. Having responsible drivers helps the state create a safer driving environment for all motorists as well.

You don’t have to look very far to find a suitable Delaware drivers’ education program. High schools across the state offer the course as an elective which students can enroll in. Over the course of 30 hours in classroom-based lectures, you will be taught the rules and laws of the state, and the penalties for violations. You will also be taught the basic theories of defensive driving. The best part about these lectures is that your course textbook is the drivers manual for the state. This is the same book from which your driving test is prepared. Hence, enrolling in driving education programs can help you learn the concepts you need for the driving test faster.

The second component of the Delaware drivers’ education program involves allowing the students some practical experience of driving a car. This is not a major component, and is only meant to help you develop a comfort with the car and learn how to maneuver it safely between two points. Once your basic training is complete, you will be able to complete basic tasks involving parking, approaching intersections and making appropriate lane changes easily. Completing these courses will award you with a certificate, which is required by the Division of Motor Vehicles to grant you a learner’s permit. You can use this permit to continue driving under supervision of licensed adults, and develop greater confidence as a driver.

Always choose a state approved curriculum over a non-state approved one. Not only is the training more reliable and according to the standards of the state, the completion certificate for non-state approved courses is not accepted in your license application. This causes added hassle and inconvenience.

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