Drivers Education in Iowa

Iowa drivers education begins for new drivers who are 14 years or older, and requires an instruction permit to be issued to the driver by the Department of Motor Vehicles. These education programs are offered at an early age to help fully develop a sense of responsibility as a driver and to give them ample time to practice before they can be granted free reign to drive.

In order to obtain your instruction permit, you will be required to complete a basic vision test and a written exam testing your knowledge of street signs, safe driving procedures and Iowa’s traffic laws. You will also have to provide a positive ID and a Social Security Number. With this instruction permit, you can enroll in a state-approved Iowa drivers’ education program and begin training for an intermediate license which you obtain at the age of 16. This training involves two major components focusing on theoretical learning and practical driving practice independently.

In the classroom component, you will be required to spend a total of 30 hours spread over several weeks, learning the laws and correct driving practices in the state of Iowa. You will also learn about alcohol safety and substance abuse. Driving while impaired is a serious offense in the United States, and these classes will show you why you should avoid intoxicating substances while driving. You will also be quizzed on your knowledge of the laws, and these courses offer a great way to prepare for the written test for your full license.

The practical component of Iowa Drivers education programs involves six hours of driving an actual car in order to ease into driving. You will be taught how to complete basic parking and reversing maneuvers, and will also learn how to make appropriate lane changes and negotiate intersections. Even after these six hours are complete, you will be required to spend an extensive time on the road under supervision. All drivers with intermediate licenses are required to gather up a fixed number of hours on their driving record in order to become eligible for the formal license test.

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