Drivers Education in Idaho

Idaho driver’s’ education is necessary if you want to obtain a full license as an adult. It is also beneficial, in that it teaches you how to drive responsibly and contribute towards a safe driving environment for all motorists.

All individuals between the ages of 14 ½ and 21 years can sign up for an Idaho driver’s’ education course either in their high schools or with a private driving school. These schools offer a state-approved curriculum which ensures that you are aware of Idaho’s laws and the penalties of violating any of them. your first component of training will involve spending 30 hours spread over several weeks, building an understanding of the laws, road safety, and drug abuse and alcohol’s effects on driving. Because the syllabus is derived from content within the Idaho driver’s manual, you can use the lectures as a way to prepare for the written component of the full driving license as well.

Completing these 30 hours brings us to the second component of the program. Idaho driver’s’ education requirements mandate that a student must spend at least 6 hours in the car observing a certified professional drive, and an additional 6 hours driving under professional supervision. You will use this time to develop an understanding of how to maneuver safely between two points, complete basic driving procedures involving parking, and learn how to navigate traffic. With this initial training under your belt, you can gain an intermediate license and move on to driving more extensively as practice. You will still need supervision, but you will have more freedom as a driver.

If you have recently moved to Idaho and have completed a driver’s education program in your home state, you may not have to take the same program again in Idaho. You will have to provide evidence of your completion in the form of a state-approved completion certificate, and you may be exempt. This is not guaranteed however, so it is a good idea to check with your local DMV about your status.
These programs may seem tedious but they are highly useful in encouraging responsible driving and reducing the frequency of accidents.

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