Drivers Education in Kentucky

New and inexperienced drivers require a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to reduce the risk behind the wheel. Quality driver education can help build up safe driving practices,  hazard recognition and can also allow them to make quick decisions in handling their automobiles as per the traffic laws. Enrolling a new driver into a driver’s education school is the most efficient way of achieving this purpose.  With the emphasis being put on young drivers’ safety lately, many states are making sure that before being given a full licensing permit, a state approved drivers education course is taken. This ensures that the drivers being allowed to drive on the roads don’t put themselves or others in danger.

The state of Kentucky requires you to take a drivers’ education course before giving you a full licensing permit. The Division of Driver Licensing (DDL) requires new drivers under the age of 18 to enroll in a four hour graduated driving license course within one year of obtaining a license. This course is provided free of cost by the Transportation Cabinet. The Kentucky Drivers Education covers various subjects of accident prevention classes, road safety rules, seat belt precautions and handling automobiles in time of crises. They provide a complete set of solutions for all possible problems a driver might face. This in turn then ensures that the driver makes a well informed decision in dangerous or difficult situations. With new drivers taking up this course, they are more likely to avert danger and be able to handle themselves efficiently to if faced by an unfortunate incident.

Kentucky state police and DDL offer a range of Kentucky Driver Education Courses suiting your needs.  These will prove to be i helpful in passing the written test which forms a mandatory part of the procedure.  It is important to get hands on behind the wheel training but one should also give equal importance to the general know how of driving basics and traffic laws. By learning these we would know what’s legal and illegal to do while driving e.g. driving under influence or speeding limits on highways. Therefore a driver’s education course can be very helpful to beginners getting on the road.

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