Drivers Education in Maryland

Driver’s education is a useful tool which helps a driver understand the use of automobiles and equips him or her with the necessary skills on the road. In different states there is an array of rules applicable where a driver’s education is deemed mandatory before being granted a license or a learner’s permit. Different driver education courses are offered in various schools that allow you to enhance your knowledge about automobiles and give you first hand instructions as to what to do in a crisis. Successful completion of these driver education courses allows you to have a driver’s license for that particular state.

In the state of Maryland the state requires for new drivers to take up driver’s education before getting a driving permit. The basic knowledge and specifics should be known to all new drivers hoping to hit the road. Maryland drivers’ education entails a minimum of thirty hours classroom and six hours behind the wheel instruction training. The driving education course has to be approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). It is important to note that MVA currently does not accept any out of state Driver’s Education certifications. It is mandatory to have taken a course from within the state itself to be approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The Delaware Board of Education is the only institutional body that claims to give certificates physically approved by the MVA itself.
Maryland drivers’ education offers an institutionalized graduated license program that helps build up the skill set of a new driver. It is a requirement for every driver regardless of their age to take this course if they have never had a driving license in another state or country before. It is also essential for those who may have had a license in another state or country but for less than 18 months.  In Maryland this program is referred to as the Rookie Driver Program.  It supplements the knowledge of new and aspiring drivers and makes it easier for first timers to handle themselves on the road. It also provides an insight into handling your automobiles efficiently thereby providing a helping hand in any problem that a driver might face and also a preventive measure from any accidents.

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