Drivers Education in Maine

Formal instructions on driving basics and safety are important for every new driver. Driving education courses now offer this service whereby the safety measures a new driver should adopt and a practical know how of traffic and road rules is taught. Driving education courses ensure that the needed skills and capabilities are provided before full licensing permit is provided.  Such programs are an efficient way of learning driver both in gaining knowledge of road ethics and also of being able to prevent any accidents in the future. In most states new drivers are required to complete driver’s education prior obtaining a learners permit. Many states make it compulsory for new drivers to enroll in driving education course before being given a full driving permit.

In the state of Maine it is obligatory to take a driver’s education course by all individuals wanting to hold a license in Maine regardless of age. Maine’s Driver’s Education requirements are looked upon by the Maine’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). To pass the BMV’s licensing requirements it is important to take a BMV approved drivers course. The requirement is to have a minimum of thirty hours of in class training along with behind the wheel training. The classes entail a series of instructions focused on traffic laws, road ethics and safety measures. One unique feature of this state is that it requires a parent to be in the backseat of the car for half an hour of the ten hours of driving instruction the teen receives.

The primary goal of these education courses is to provide well trained and safe drivers on the road. Maine’s Drivers Education focuses on providing guidelines and instructions that help aid a new driver make a sound judgment on the road and in dangerous situations. With statistics continuously rising of accidents, empirical evidence suggests that new drivers are more accident prone than ever. With these set of instructions and knowledge that new drivers gain, they are less likely to disobey rules and drive responsibly. Therefore it is mandatory in Maine to take up these driver educations courses so that an individual driving on the road is a responsible and safe driver.

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