Drivers Education in Minnesota

Drivers’ education will prepare new drivers for the road and be a useful tool in helping them through their written tests in any state. A drivers’ education course ensures that the new candidate is well versed in all the essential knowledge that a person should have before being granted a driving permit. While first hand practical experience is of utmost importance, it is also necessary to be aware of traffic laws and road ethics before you independently start handling your automobile. Most states of the US make it a point to have this as a requirement before being given a license.

The state of Minnesota requires new drivers to have some practical knowledge of driving before they apply for getting a license. To earn full driving privileges a Minnesota’s Drivers’ Education course should be taken up either at a driving school or at home with an eligible instructor. The Minnesota driving requirements are overseen by the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) department. The state requires you to have thirty hours of classroom education before you can get behind the wheel. It is not necessary that you enroll yourself in a Drivers’ Education program. For this a permit is required whereby you have to give a knowledge based test. DVS provides the Minnesota Drivers’ Education book course that offers a complete education package for drivers learning to drive on their own. The instruction permit allows students to drive around with someone who already has a certified license and is 21 years or older of age. The student is required to hold on to that permit for at least six months.
Minnesota Drivers’ education entails a series of approved accident prevention classes, traffic and road laws etc that help a new driver understand and be aware of his duties and responsibilities while driving his automobile. These courses target new teenage drivers and are aiming towards producing a batch of responsible and safe teen drivers. Customized teen programs emphasize defensive driving training through classroom instructions and behind the wheel training. Such education courses are gaining popularity and are deemed essential so that new drivers are less accident prone and there by not be a hazard on the road.

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