Drivers Education in Missouri

When it comes to driving safely, class room education is as important as hands on driving experience. Driving is a big responsibility and it is essential that when you take up driving, you are aware of all the risks and safety measures needed to prevent it before you take your vehicle on the roads. Different states in the US have  laws according to  their requirements before a driving permit can be given to any person. Some of the states make it compulsory for would be motorists to take up drivers’ education before getting a license while in other states it may not be mandatory. In the state of Missouri it is not an essential requirement to enroll into a drivers’ education course before you get your license but it is highly recommended by Department of Revenues (DOR) Driving License Division.

Missouri’s driver education comprises of traffic laws, road signs and general road rules. These courses give you an insight into the efficient handling of whatever automobile you are driving and help avert any dangerous situations that might arise during driving. With statistics consistently rising of new drivers being more accident prone, it is important for all new drivers to have a complete know-how and skill set that assists them on the road. Missouri’s Driver Education and the state law require that you go through a series of written and practical tests before gaining a permit.  For a teen, the applicant is required to complete forty hours of driving under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian or a qualified instructor.  For those who are above 18 years of age, the state does not require the person to take a course but taking a supplemental training course is beneficial.


The driving education courses turn out to be extremely useful while giving the two kinds of knowledge based written tests administered by the Missouri’s DOR. This course then becomes a useful tool not only for equipping new drivers with important knowledge but also takes you one step closer to getting your own driving license. Once being given the license, the driver’s performance is judged in the state by a Missouri Point System that gives you points if you perform irresponsibly while driving depending on the severity of the case. Thus it is important for all new drivers to be equipped with the knowledge of the dos and don’ts of driving.

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