Drivers Education in Mississippi

The freedom of being able to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. Automobiles in inexperienced hands put other people at risk. This is why it is essential that every driver gains firsthand knowledge about safety measures and traffic laws. Drivers’ education classes teach children how to take safety precautions while they are on the road. Many states make it compulsory for new drivers to take a drivers’ education course before being given a full driving permit. Mississippi is a state that makes it mandatory for all young drivers to take a driver’s education course.

The Mississippi Drivers’ Education entails a thirty hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind the wheel training and twelve hours of observation. The course itself is made up of an array of subjects ranging from accident prevention measures, traffic laws and road ethics. It gives new drivers quality education and knowledge so that they can make conscientious decisions in whatever situation they face while driving. This is overlooked by the Mississippi Board of Education which emphasizes the need of the of a school curriculum that enforces the Mississippi Drivers’ Education system. Once enrolled in a drivers’ education program, a student is given a learner permit for the duration of that program. With it then comes a series of written tests that are driving knowledge based. For this particular test, Mississippi Drivers’ Handbook gives you a one step solution by giving you a complete guide of rules and safety measures needed to know for the written test. It covers various topics from defensive driving, traffic rules and signs to handling emergency situations.

Along with this a practical experience is gained by the Mississippi Graduated Driving License system where the young driver is trained on the road allowing beginners to get an initial experience under conditions that involve lower risks. Also it takes the responsibility of introducing the beginner to more complex driving situations stage by stage. Thus the Mississippi Drivers’ Education system is designed in a way that it provides a complete overview for young drivers to make themselves informed, responsible and safe drivers so that they don’t put themselves and others at any risks while driving.

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