Drivers Education in Montana

In the state of Montana it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without holding a valid driver’s license. In addition to fulfilling other requirements, a prospective driver must be at least 16 years old to apply for the state’s license. However, those who are at least 15 years of age can also apply for a driver’s license given that they have enrolled in and successfully completed Montana driver’s education program.

The Montana Graduated Driver License Law course is approved by the Department of Justice and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The law was drafted since teen drivers are most at risk of dying in car accidents. This is because teen drivers fail to exercise safe driving techniques and skills due to lack of practice and inexperience. The course is taught in three-steps, gradually instilling the virtue of safe driving in would be teen drivers.

The Montana Graduated Driver License Law course involves the parents of the teens as well. The law recognizes that parents play a very important role in the driving education of their children. It is the parents’ responsibility to:

  • Enroll their children in Montana drivers education course which may be offered in a local high school
  • Know Montana’s Graduated Driver License Law
  • Supervise their children while driving
  • Set their own rules and limits for their children
  • Ensure that their children are penalized in case of violation of the state’s laws as well as their own established rules and limits

Teen drivers are not the only drivers getting involved in roads accidents in Montana, adults make fatal mistakes too. For this purpose Montana DR.I.V.E. Advanced Driver Education was started. It is a one-day workshop for those who may be interested in polishing their driving skills. An all-day event, it is divided into one-hour, in-class session coupled with 5-6 hours of behind-the-wheel supervised training. Special teen workshops designed especially for teen drivers also form the part of this initiative. These instructional programs are for those who drive cars, trucks, buses and ambulances. These sessions are not for free but scholarships may be available in certain cases.

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