Drivers Education in North Dakota

Did you know that vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death in the United States? To help make the roads safer, motor vehicle departments in each state have been set up to monitor traffic rules and drivers. In North Dakota, The Department of Transportation is the leading authority that issues licenses and registers cars within the state boundaries. Public safety on roads is the key responsibility of this department.

A number of steps have been taken to maximize driving safety. These include increasing the eligibility criteria for driving licenses. A resident of North Dakota who is applying for license will have to undergo a series of tests that will evaluate driving skills along with knowledge of traffic regulations. Remember, you must be at least 16 years old to be legally allowed behind the wheel with a regular driving license. A total of 30 hours of classroom education and driving training must be completed to apply for a licensing test.

Drivers education

When an individual is legally old enough to apply for a license, he or she must first enroll in a drivers’ education course. This course is divided up into a number of lessons that take into account various topics related to driving and safety. Students enrolled in driving education course will learn about controlling vehicles safely, identifying road signs, driving in high and moderate traffic, and driving in severe weather. On the other hand, knowledge about traffic laws is also very important. Much emphasis is laid upon the traffic rules of North Dakota. One living in this state should be well aware of the rules of the road and should understand what penalties come with traffic violations. Traffic rules are constantly being upgraded, it is necessary for drivers to be aware of these changes.

North Dakota drivers’ education courses are available at many state approved driving schools. Before enrolling in any driving institute, it is necessary to confirm the accreditation of the program. The North Dakota Department of Transportation certifies these schools. There are also a number of online tests and quizzes available that one can go through for self-evaluation.

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