Drivers Education in Nebraska

According to the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety (NOHS) 181 people died and over 16,000 injured in traffic crashes in the state in 2011. NOHS also estimates one in every 27 licensed drivers is likely be involved in a motor vehicle collision each year. Auto mobile accidents also put a heavy burden on the state’s treasury each year. They cause the state in excess of $693,431,300 each year. This is a heavy cost to bear both in terms of precious human lives lost and financial costs. For this reason, the state of Nebraska emphasizes on educating its motorists in safe driving skills and techniques.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles publishes Nebraska Driver’s Manual. This is the most important companion of every motorist in Nebraska. The manual is the primary source of Nebraska drivers education. Available online and free of cost, it aims “To promote public safety through education and the regulation of drivers and motor vehicles…”.

The manual is the book for those wishing to pass their drivers test. It is advised that a prospective driver reads the manual and then take the online practice test in order to maximize his/her chances of obtaining the driver’s license in the first try.
The manual is divided into chapters with titles:

  • Nebraska License to Drive
  • Important Driver Information
  • Signs, Signals and Markings
  • Rules of the Road
  • Special Driving Conditions
  • Sharing the Road With Other Users
  • If You’re Involved in an Crash

In short it is a comprehensive overview of driving and various contingencies associated with driving.

While the state encourages the motorists to educate themselves in safe driving techniques and skills, those who are convicted of violating traffic laws are penalized with points. If a driver accumulates 12 points within two years, his/her driving privileges are revoked for six months. For such motorists, the state has made it mandatory to enroll in and successfully complete a driver’s education and training course involving 8 hours of instruction. The course must be approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and paid by the motorist him/herself.

In short, get a valid driver’s license, buckle up and follow the road signs and traffic rules to drive safely in Nebraska.

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