Drivers Education in New Jersey

If you are a teenager who wants to drive, you need to go through a formal learning process before you can be granted your license. This driver’s education process gradually eases you into the etiquettes of road safety and makes you more aware of your responsibilities as a driver. Each state in America has its own laws, which is why each state’s program is different as well.

Driver’s education in New Jersey, for instance, starts for individuals who are at least 16 years old. Most high schools offer formal programs which students can enroll in to complete this training requirement. In other cases, teenagers prefer enrolling with private institutions offering training during the summers or outside of school. Typically, the instruction is a combination of practical application in a car under supervision, and classroom lectures. While the driving is intended to help you develop a comfort with operating a car and managing basic repairs, the lectures cover topics in road safety and the legal code of your state.

You will initially be granted a license for the specific purpose of completing yourdriver’s education in New Jersey. This license will allow you to complete 6 hours of driving in a vehicle under supervision, along with classroom instruction. Upon completing your course successfully, the driving instructor will help you apply for a student learner’s permit with the Motor Vehicle Commission. With this permit, you will be able to drive for another 6 months within certain limitations.

If you are not taking your driver’s education in New Jersey with your high school, you must ensure that whatever program you choose is teaching a state-approved curriculum. You are required to show your certificate of completion to the Motor Vehicle Commission when you apply for your student learner’s permit, and a non-state approved course is not valid.

Completing your driver’s education successfully is the first step towards gaining more freedom as a driver. It is necessary to take to fulfill a requirement of the Motor Vehicle Commission, and to learn how to drive responsibly. New Jersey’s process ensures that all motorists are experienced and responsible.

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