Drivers Education in Nevada

Nevada is one of the largest states in the nation, having a solid infrastructure and a high population. The State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles ensures public safety on roads through its elaborately designed traffic rules and regulations. With millions of cars in this state, it is important to maintain safety to avoid fatal accidents and loss. More emphasis is laid upon training drivers about traffic rules and safe driving due to the increasing number or vehicle owners. In recent years, the number of teen drivers has seen a dramatic rise due to rising income levels and the need for cars. The State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles offers a wide range of services related to transportation such as educating drivers, issuing licenses, and registering cars.

Nevada Driving Education

For those who are wondering why drivers education has been made necessary, the answer is simple. Drivers education is necessary to make sure every new driver that gets behind the wheel is highly skilled. In the state of Nevada, a person must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a license. However, teens as young as 16 can apply for learners permit. Whatever the age is when applying for a driving license, one must complete a Nevada driver’s education course. 30 hours of classroom education along with 5 hours of behind-the-wheel training has to be completed.

There are plenty of driving schools in the state of Nevada that are offering driver ED courses. One can also enroll online and complete the classroom work without having to physically attend classes. However, practical training cannot be done via online classes. Students who take drivers education courses learn about Nevada traffic laws, rules, penalties, and safe driving. These are just a few of the key areas studied. Driving knowledge is tested through the driving examination one has to clear for obtaining a license. Other tests apart from this written test include vision tests and practical tests.

The State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles also provides reading material in the form of handbooks and manuals to help new drivers learn.

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