Drivers Education in New York

Driving requires dexterity, skill, presence of mind and a profound regard for traffic laws, rules and regulations.  Much of this is a process of learning.  It is for this reason that the New York Department of Motor Vehicles authorizes commercial driving schools as well as select high schools and colleges to conduct courses in drivers’ education in New York.

Drivers’ education in New York is primarily of two kinds:

Pre-licensing Certification:
Pre-licensing certification requires around five hours of classroom training on the following issues:

  • DMV’s point system for tickets
  • The right attitude for driving and how alcohol, drugs or sleep deprivation can affect cognitive skills required for driving
  • What to do in the event of an accident
  • The physics of driving and drivers’ safety.
  • A systematic understanding of the highway transport system.

Successful completion means that the student driver receives a certificate called MV278 which will be needed when scheduling the road test and will have to be shown to the examiner on the day of the road test.

Driver and Traffic Safety Education Courses:  These are primarily programs offered through select high schools and colleges and are more extensive in their scope and material than a pre-licensing certification.  These include both classroom and behind the wheel training. You are also prepped for the DMV exam and road test.  At the end of the successful completion of this course you will receive an MV-285 certificate for the completion of Driver’s Ed in New York.

What happens once you complete Drivers’ Education in New York?
Once you have cleared the first hurdle and have scheduled a road test, there are several things you need to take care of.  If you are under the age of 18, you will require the certificate of supervised driving or MV 262.  Make sure you have prepared yourself well for the road test by putting in hours of practice in driving.

On the day of the road test, you must have your photo ID, learner’s permit and the MV 278 or MV 285. Take a deep and long breath and begin driving. By the time the test is over, you would have hopefully become a licensed driver, authorized to drive in the state of New York.

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