Drivers Education in South Carolina

South Carolina department of motor vehicles is authorized to register all vehicles in the state. From trucks to cars and from bikes to mopeds, the department makes sure every vehicle is registered. Apart from registration, the department also issues licenses to drivers in SC. We already are aware of the fact that driving without a license is illegal in every state.

The core aim of this department is to make sure the roads are safe place for everyone to travel upon. This safety can only be promoted through a number of factors such as proper registration, licensing, strict enforcement of traffic rules, and driver education. Learning how to drive is not all about skill and vehicle control, but also includes knowledge about road rules. Since the traffic regulations vary slightly from state to state, one should know what rules are being enforced in his or her state.


In South Carolina, hundreds of people lose their lives in road accidents each year. To help lower this number, making sure drivers are educated is necessary. The more skill and knowledge a driver has regarding traffic rules, the less likely it is that he or she will cause accidents.

South Carolina drivers education

SC education programs are specifically designed for learning drivers. These courses can also be taken by senior drivers. The program trains students and provides them with in-depth knowledge about traffic rules. These rules are constantly being upgraded and changed, and must be in the knowledge of everyone who drives on public roads. Some of the topics that are covered in driver education programs include safety tips, driving in high traffic, driving in rural areas, mechanical issues, vehicle control, and more.

Drivers’ education courses are offered by many driving institutes and are accredited by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. The curriculum is up dated regularly to make sure students are aware of the latest legal changes. A minimum of 40 hours of drivers education have to be completed to qualify for a license if you have turned 17 in South Carolina. 15 year olds can apply for a learners permit whereas a16 year olds can apply for special restricted license.

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