Drivers Education in Texas

To gain legal approval for driving on Texas roads you need a license. An important part of the procedure is passing the driving test and properly preparing for it is highly recommended. There are many driving schools in Texas that focus on the basics of driving, defensive driving techniques and knowledge of traffic rules that ensure safe driving.

By Texas law, all first time drivers have to take the Texas drivers ed course. It is part of the license application process and once a person successfully completes it, he/she qualifies for a permanent driver’s license. The certificate that one receives after the end of driving course is sent by the driving school to the Texas Department of Transportation that issues the license.

When looking at obtaining driver’s education in Texas, individuals should choose driving schools that are approved by the Texas Department of Transportation. There are also private schools and public schools that give more or less the same training. Every program has two components as outlined below:
Classroom Instruction

Classroom instruction focuses on theoretical studies regarding traffic laws, road signs, alcohol awareness and safe driving basics. It is after the completion of this part that the driving school issues a proof of learning that is required to get a learner’s permit.
Car Driving Instruction
Car driving instruction focuses on training how to actually drive on roads. It includes behind the wheels training too.

To get a learner’s permit, an individual must be at least 15 years of age. All applicants who fall under the 18 years category need to get classroom instruction first and then wait for the instruction permit. After the instruction permit is awarded, they can complete the second phase of training. The driving school certificate has to be signed by a parent before application for a permanent license is processed. Those who fall in the 14 to 17 years age bracket may also opt for a Parent Taught Driver Education Program.

Completing education from a driving school not only makes certain that the individual has the necessary knowledge but it may also help him/her get a discount on their car insurance rates if they take a few extra courses.

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