Drivers Education in Vermont

Getting drivers license for the first time can seem like an exciting moment. Who wouldn’t want to be able to legally drive around? But driving licenses don’t come so easily, one must clear a number of tests and should be able to prove that he or she is skilled enough to operate a motorized vehicle on the road. Every state has a federal body that provides licenses to resident drivers in the state. In Vermont, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles is the main authority that handles all issues and maters related to vehicles. Residents must make sure their cars are registered with this department and they own Vermont driving licenses.

But before one can apply for a driving license, certain age requirements and education requirements must be fulfilled. One cannot drive in Vermont if he or she is under the age of 15. The Vermont Department of Education is mainly responsible for training and educating drivers.

Vermont Drivers’ Education Program

There are different programs available for teen drivers and for adult drivers. In cases where a license has been suspended, the individual must re-take the education course and test. Senior drivers are also recommended to regularly take such courses to up-date their knowledge regarding the traffic laws in Utah. It is for the public safety that all drivers must be well educated about driving laws and traffic rules.


The curriculum of drivers’ education will include a wide variety of courses that cover every aspect of traffic laws and rules. Students gain insight on many subjects such as the following:

  • Traffic rules
  • Road rules
  • Safe driving techniques
  • General signs and their interpretation
  • Safety hazards

Apart from these theory based subjects, hands on experience are also an important part of drivers’ education. Students must complete at least 6 hours of behind of the wheel training and at least 30 hours of classroom education. There are plenty of driving schools that offer drivers education courses in the state of Vermont. Now one can enroll in education courses online without having to physically be present in classrooms. These courses are necessary to take to be eligible for a Utah driving license.

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