Drivers Education in Washington

Driver’s education in Washington is the first step towards gaining independence as a driver and obtaining a license. It is a way for new drivers to gain training and become more familiar with the roads and proper driving etiquettes. Washington is one of few states with strict laws for beginner drivers, which is a good idea since it inculcates a sense of responsibility and creates a safer environment for all motorists.

Driver’s education in Washington begins as early as age 15, with students enrolling into a state-approved program either in their local high schools or outside of them. You require a learning permit in order to enroll in these courses, and these permits can be obtained from your Department of Licensing. As part of your training, you will be required to complete 30 hours of instruction in a classroom setting and five hours of training in car where you will practice driving under supervision. You must complete four hours of self-driving and one hour of observation in order to understand the proper way of handling a vehicle. Classroom training will teach you more about road safety, traffic laws and how to identify various traffic signs. Knowing your way around these topics will help you drive more responsibly, and act as a great preparatory source for your driving license test later.

Completing driver’s education in Washington does not mean you are a fully licensed driver who can operate any vehicle on the road. You will have to pass a test in order to obtain a level 1 learning license which will grant you some independence as a driver. After completing the requisite training, you can upgrade your license status to an adult license. The reason for so many intermediates is to ensure that new drivers gain sufficient control over their cars and prove their maturity before being granted more authority. Remember, driving is a more than just getting from point A to point B; it is a privilege that must be earned.
If you want to drive freely one day, you should sign up for a driver’s education program as soon as possible.

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