Drivers Education in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles is the main authority in this state that ensures public safety on roads. The Department makes sure every vehicle in the state is registered and that all drivers are licensed. The rising number of road accidents has led to stricter enforcement of traffic rules and licensing requirements. Individuals applying for a license must go through a number of tests to qualify. On the other hand, much emphasis is now laid upon driver’s education. This area mainly deals with making sure every driver in Wisconsin has thorough knowledge of road rules and traffic regulations. This will help lower accident risks and will make the roads a safer place to travel upon.

What is Driver education?

Teens who have turned 18 and wish to apply for a driving license must undergo a Wisconsin drivers’ education course. This course is primarily designed to help drivers learn about traffic rules and driving safety measures. The course is not restricted to new drivers, but is recommended for anyone and everyone who wishes to enhance his or her driving knowledge. Those who have had their licenses suspended or are renewing their driving licenses must also take the course.

The course covers a number of topics that are essential for a building a sound base and becoming a skilled driver. A few of the topics that are covered include traffic laws, defensive driving basics, identification of road signs, severe weather driving, driving in rural/urban settings, traffic violations, and vehicle control. These topics are usually covered in a classroom setting and involve theoretical work. On the other hand, practical training sessions are also necessary where individuals gain hands on experience.

Drivers education courses are also available online for those who do not have access to a driving school in their area. There are a number of driving schools that offer courses. These schools are accredited by the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles. Drivers education has been made mandatory for all drivers in this state to increase road safety. The core purpose of these courses is to make sure drivers are confident and are well aware of the traffic regulations.

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