Drivers Education in West Virginia

Drivers’ education in West Virginia is necessary for all individuals who applying for a driving license here. Just like in all states, the West Virginia Department of Transportation is the key body that issues licenses. Other functions performed by this Department include registration, insurance, safety measures, and dealer services. In West Virginia, all vehicles and rivers are subjected to rules and regulations set by the Vehicle Department.

Education for Drivers

Drivers education is a necessary to complete when applying for a license. The course will reflect an individual’s understanding of traffic rules in the state, and skill to drive a vehicle. Taking this course is mandatory in every state. Teens that have just turned 19 are legally allowed to apply for licenses after completing driving education courses. The reason why drivers’ education has been made necessary is to make sure all vehicle drivers can drive safely. Accidents are mainly caused by drivers who lack knowledge about safe driving.

There are many schools certified by the West Virginia department of Transportation. These schools specifically specialize in drivers’ education and work towards promoting public safety through educating young and old drivers. The courses are aimed at equipping individuals with an in-depth understanding of traffic rules. Some of the key subjects covered include West Virginia traffic signs, motor vehicle basics, road rules, traffic violations, and legal penalties. One must complete a total of 45 hours of drivers’ education and training. There are many useful handbooks available that can help one study for driving test.

These who have moved to West Virginia must show a drivers’ education completion certificate to apply for a license. In today’s fast moving world, road rules are constantly being upgraded and changed, all drivers must be aware of these legal changes to be able to drive safely. Individuals who get their license renewed are often recommended to tale a drivers’ education course to update their knowledge.

West Virginia drivers’ education courses are also being offered online via accredited online classes. After completing this course, one can take the driving test and legally qualify for a license.

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