Drivers Education in Wyoming

Wyoming drivers’ education is not mandatory for a license, but there are several benefits of signing up for these courses For starters, signing up for a state-approved permit can allow you to shave off up to 6 months on the time needed to achieve full driving privileges. You will need to show adequate proof of your completion of a driver’s education course, but once you do you can get a full driving license at 16 years and six months of age.

The second benefit is that these programs offer a better training process to help you develop a sense of the road and the laws of the state. If you drive under close supervision of a professional, you will inevitably become a more responsible driver and contribute greatly towards the safety of yourself and other motorists. Driving a car is more than just getting from point A to point B; it is a privilege that must be earned.

Wyoming drivers’ education programs are offered at high schools and by private businesses alike. They are split into two modules which focus on theoretical and practical learning respectively. By state law, you are required to complete 30 hours of in-class teaching, which will cover topics in alcohol abuse, drug safety and teach you how to drive defensively. These lectures will also teach you the various laws which are applicable within your state, and the penalties of violating them.

The practical component involves obtaining a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel training. Under the guidance of a licensed professional, you will learn how to complete basic driving tasks like parking, changing lanes, and reversing. Some Wyoming drivers’ education courses offer the option of learning to drive on a simulator. However you can log in only half of your six hour behind-the-wheel training time on the simulator, and one behind-the-wheel hour is equal to four simulated hours. In other words  that would mean three hours of real driving on the roads and 12 hours of simulated driving.

As a general rule, you should consider taking up the training even if it is not a requirement for your license.

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