Drivers Manual in District of Columbia

There are thousands of automobiles on the roads of the nation’s capital at one given time. To make driving a safe experience for all, the District’s government and its Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) publishes many documents. These documents or manuals are meant for the viewing of motorists in the District, for safe driving skills and practices. The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles publishes these manuals which are also available online, free of cost. All those who are thinking of becoming drivers in the District, planning on driving to and in the District are strongly advised to read these manuals. The Automobile Driver Manual or drivers’ manual in District of Columbia is one such important manual and an ideal companion to all the present and future motorists in the District.

Available in multiple languages in addition to English, the Automobile Driver Manual is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Regulatory signs
  • Identifying signs by shapes and colors
  • Signals. signs and markings
  • Traffic rules
  • Parking rules
  • Driving rules
  • Driver information
  • Important things to know
  • Other services
  • Types of driver license & permits
  • Driver license examination process


Safe driving is a continuing process and safe driving tips, skills and techniques can by learned by all. The manual is a useful companion to all the motorists in the District irrespective of age or experience. For example, the manual has detailed information for those teenage prospective drivers who are planning on taking the driver’s license exam. Similarly it has detailed information on safe driving skills and techniques which can be read by veteran drivers as well. The District has strict DUI laws and therefore anyone convicted under the laws will have his/her driving privileges suspended for 6 months for the first offense; 2 years for the second offense and 3 years for the third or subsequent offense.

In short, the Automobile Driver Manual must be read by all the motorists and prospective drivers in the District, in addition to those planning to drive in the District.

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