Drivers Training In California

California Driving School

Generally teenage drivers are considered to be the most dangerous drivers. Statistically, they get the most number of tickets and get involved in traffic accidents, including fatal accidents. To make driving a safe experience for all, the state of California requires that those under the age of 18 must complete one of the following driver training courses:

  • 50 hours of supervised driving practice, including 10 hours of driving during darkness
  • 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training
  • 25 hours of classroom instruction

The abovementioned courses may be offered by public or private secondary schools (whose curriculum is approved by the Department of Education), in addition to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licensed schools. Since there are many DMV licensed schools, therefore it may be hard to select the best school. To this end, the DMV requires that the management and instructors of the school must have sound professional credentials. They should emphasize on safety and practicing safe driving skills.

The following set of tips can also help a teenage driver and his/her parent(s) to select the best driving school:

  • Check the driving school’s license status. This can be done online by visiting the DMV’s website
  • Check the instructor’s license status by calling the DMV
  • To check whether others have filed complaints against the school, contact the local Better Business Bureau office
  • Check whether the school maintains a complete record of the DMV inspections
  • Check whether the school holds a bond
  • Check whether the school carries liability insurance
  • Check whether the school’s vehicles have been annually inspected by the DMV
  • Check whether there are any hidden charges or costs
  • Compare costs between driving schools as they may have different tuition costs
  • In case that the teenage driver is not satisfied with his/her instructor, request must be made to the school’s management for another instructor

While a professional driving school is only approved by the DMV after fulfilling California’s rigid qualifying standards, some schools may be better than the others and you need to find the best for yourself.

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