Drivers Training In New York

It is assumed that if you are behind the wheel in a vehicle, you have been properly trained and are well acquainted with all the applicable driving rules. This is why it is very important that everyone undergoes some sort of training before they hit the roads. First time drivers are not required to take a pre-licensing driving course during their drivers’ education in New York. However, to ensure that you are not a danger to yourself and a menace to others, it is recommended that you take a pre-licensing course.

Pre-Licensing Course in Drivers’ Training in New York

New York DMV approves a list of commercial driving schools that provide a pre-licensing training course for drivers’ training in New York.  At the end of a five hour classroom course, approved by the New York DMV, you get the MV-278 pre-licensing certification in drivers’ training in New York. The certificate number should be provided when you schedule a road test and the certificate has to be taken with you on the day of the road test.

The following basics of driving are covered in the pre-licensing course:

  • A  detailed review of the DMV point system
  • An introduction to the transportation system on the highways.
  • An accelerated course in the driving physics, including driving and restraints (such as seat belts)
  • Techniques and tactics for defensive driving on the road
  • The action items that a driver needs to know in the event of a collision
  • The effects of sleep deprivation, drugs, alcohol abuse, attitude, anger, road rage etc. on the driving skills of a diver.

The pre-licensing course costs US $ 50.

Drivers Training in New York

Drivers’ education courses are offered for drivers in select high schools and colleges.  These courses are more detailed than the pre-licensing course. Upon completion of the class room course, you receive an MV-285 student driver’s certificate. The certificate number has to be provided at the time you are scheduling a road test and the MV-285 should be with you when appearing for the road test.

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