San Francisco Driving License Renewal

If you forget to renew your driving license you can face various financial repercussions, driving exams and traffic tickets. DMV gives you three options for the San Francisco Driving License Renewal:

Online Renewal

For the online San Francisco driving license renewal, you require your renewal notice as well as the Renewal Identification Number. First check your name and also the driver’s license number on the renewal notice. Also make sure that your current address and the Social Security Number is in the record of DMV. You will then be required to pay the renewal fee of $31, which can be paid through methods such as e-checking, or through the debit or credit cards. Then you will be required to visit the DMV page titled Driver License Internet Renewal.

Renewal by Mail

You can only renew your driver’s license by mail if you meet certain conditions:

  • If your license will expire in sixty days or less.
  • Your age is sixty-nine or less when your license expires.
  • You are not under any driving probation or suspension.
  • You have renewed your license by mail only twice consecutively.

Those who are eligible to renew by mail have to send their renewal notice along with a payment of $31 by mail to the postal address of DMV California.

In Person

If you are not eligible to renew your license online, you will be required to make an appointment with the nearest DMV to renew it in person. You will need your renewal notice along with the renewal fee of $31. The mode of payment will depend on the DMV branch. You will then be required to fill out the form DL-44, which you can get from any DMV office.

After reaching the DMV office you will give your thumbprint, have your picture taken and will also take a vision exam. Some renewal applicants may be given a written exam, and this will be mentioned on their renewal notice. DMV will give you a sixty day interim license until you get a new one through mail.

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