Michigan Driving License Renewal

In order to drive in any state of the US, you are required to have a valid driving license for that state. These licenses are valid for a particular period of time and must be renewed; in Michigan, this period of validity is four years. Driving on an expired license is a violation of traffic laws and can result in heavy fines or a suspension of your driving privileges altogether.
In the state of Michigan, driving license renewal is handled by the Secretary of State’s office. While the validity of your license is four years, there is no restriction on when you can apply for its renewal. In fact, the state law allows drivers to apply for renewal up to a year in advance of the licenses actual expiration date. There are two ways to complete the Michigan driving license renewal process – by mail, or by visiting the Secretary of State’s office in person. Unfortunately, Michigan does not offer an online renewal option for its residents as yet.

Renewing your license in person can be done by visiting your Secretary of State Office’s local branch and completing a few basic steps. You will be required to take a vision test, supply adequate identification and your Social Security Number; you will also have to pay a small fee. If you have already availed the option to renew your license by mail at a previous occasion, it is compulsory for you to undergo the process in person the second time around.

Roughly 45 days before your license expiry date, the Secretary of State office sends you a renewal notice as a reminder. This notice will also tell you whether you can avail the option to complete the Michigan driving license renewal process via email or in person. You must meet certain conditions of the SoS office in order to submit your renewal form via mail, which can be confirmed by inquiring with the SoS. If you pass the criteria, you simply have to fill out the renewal form and submit it to the correct address, and your new license will be delivered to you within two weeks’ time.

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