Pennsylvania Driving License Renewal

Non-commercial driver’s license in Pennsylvania must be renewed every four years. The license is valid for four years and expires the day after the license holder’s birthday. However, residents who are 65 years of age or older have the option of renewing their driver’s license every two years rather than four years.

Those holding a valid driver’s license of the state of Pennsylvania however do not need to remember the expiry date on their license since Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) sends a reminder to the drivers three months prior to the expiry of the license.

Non-commercial holders of driver’s license, given that there are no changes or corrections can renew their licenses online. It can be done by visiting the PennDOT’s website and is both easy and safe. For those readers who are not sure whether they are eligible to use PennDOT’s online services, it is advised to visit the website and click on “Am I eligible for Online Driver’s License Services?”

For those who prefer a more conventional option, the mail-in facility is the best. The reader can initiate the process once he/she receives the renewal notice from PennDOT. If it is not received or misplaced, the reader has the option of downloading Form DL-901 from PennDOT’s website. PA driving license renewal will further require the reader to complete the form and post a check or money order made payable to PennDOT in the amount mentioned on the form. It is worth reminding the reader that neither cash nor debit/credit cards are acceptable for mail-in option. Once the transaction is successfully processed, the reader will receive a camera card in the mail within seven to ten working days. This is not it; the process isn’t done yet. The reader is then required to take the camera card along with his/her Social Security card and appropriate identification (driver’s license or Photo ID Card; Passport, etc) to the local Photo Center to receive his/her new digitized driver’s license.

It is illegal to drive in Pennsylvania without a valid driver’s license. Therefore keep your driver’s documents up-to-date, in order to enjoy hassle-free driving.

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