Virginia Driving License Renewal

Drivers in the state of Virginia must renew their license which normally expires on their birthday. Prior to its expiration, you will receive a renewal application from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. This will only be possible if the DMV has your updated address in its records.  Your first driving license will be valid for three to eight years, depending upon your age at which it was issued. Once renewed, it will be valid for a period of eight years.

You can renew by mail, online or through telephone if you are eligible. The DMV classifies these as the preferred services. For instance, if your license is suspended or if you are above eighty years old, you will be required to renew in person. You can apply for a renewal in person by visiting a Customer Service Center throughout any renewal cycle, but you will have to pass a vision screening test.  You should consult your renewal notice to find out whether you are ineligible for any specific method of renewal. You should utilize the above mentioned preferred services as long as you qualify for them.  If you choose not to avail them and apply in person, then you will have to pay an additional fee of five dollars.

Once your license has expired you must apply for a renewal in person.  You will need to submit a proof of legal presence in U.S. to proceed with the process of Virginia driving license renewal. If more than a year has passed since your license expired, you will be required to retake all tests including the vision screening test, the knowledge exam and the road skills test.

You will receive your license in mail within fifteen days. Make sure that the DMV has your current address as the U.S. Postal Service does not forward drivers’ license. Drivers have the option to renew their license six months before the expiration date. A license renewal generally costs thirty two dollars and the fee can be paid in the form of cash, money order, and check or through a credit card if you are applying for an online renewal.

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