Washington Driving License Renewal

Washington Driving License Renewal 
Driving License is compulsory for each driver of any state in the US. It is because it proves the driver is qualified enough to know all the traffic rules and signs, and that he or she can drive safely and efficiently. He or she also understands consequences of not following one. When you are driving a vehicle, you are not only responsible for your life but are also responsible for the safety of other people on the road. By obtaining one, you take an oath to abide by all the traffic rules and regulations for the safety or your life and also the others.
Most of us are very excited to get a driving license for the very first time. However at the time of renewal we tend to be lazy and think it is not important enough. We are grossly mistaken here.
As per Washington Driving License Renewal procedure, under each of the following circumstance you have to apply for the renewal of your driving license.

  • If expired: Your driving license stays valid for only 5 years. After this you have to apply for renewal. You can do so in person, via mail or online 60 days before or 30 days after it expires. You have to pay a fee of $25.
  • Replacement License: In case your license has been stolen, lost, destroyed or illegible you are to apply for a replacement license at any licensing office. You will need to prove your identity and pay a $15 fee.
  • Change of address or name: In case you change your address or name, you are required to inform your local DMV office within ten days either in person or through documentation.

Driving license renewal is as important as applying for a new driving license for the first time. It must not be underestimated at any cost. The DMV at Washington follows a zero tolerance policy against individuals who drive cars on the streets without a valid driving license. Thus, to avoid any inconvenience, the license must be renewed as soon as it expires.

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