Georgia Driving License

Georgia Driving License
A driving license is an official document that permits you to drive a motorized vehicle e.g. a car, motorcycle trucks etc. Without a driving license, you cannot be allowed to drive any vehicle in any state. To obtain a driver’s license you have to go through a series of written and practical tests which usually require driver’s education. Through this drivers education you will be able to manage and adress all the questions that are asked in the written and knowledge based tests.

In the state of Georgia it is essential to have a Georgia driving license with you at all times if you are going to drive in the state. In order to legally operate a motor vehicle it is important to have a driver’s license or a permit. Georgia’s Department of Driver Services has defined several classes of licenses which tell you what kind of license you are supposed to have. Class C Licenses are the most used as they are for driving regular vehicles and is available for drivers that are 18 or above. Classes A, B, AP and BP all belong to the larger vehicles section that is officially classified as commercial vehicles. For teenagers there are classes CP and Class D license which serve as instructional permits for those teenagers who are in the training process and are learning to drive. Drivers who fall in this category however are required to complete the Georgia’s driver’s license program as well.

To obtain a Georgia driver’s license you will be required to first take driver’s education (it is not mandatory but generally advised to be taken), complete the written test that follows, complete a behind the wheel’s practical test as well. You will receive your driver’s license in your mail if you pass in all the tests. Also, if you are new to Georgia and already have a license in another state, you will not be required to go through all these procedures a new, but provide your old license and documents to get a new Georgia driving license.

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