Illinois Driving License

Whether you are a new driver or someone who’s been driving for a long time but has just moved to Illinois, you will need an Illinois driver’s license to be able to drive on its roads. To apply for a driving license, Illinois requires that the applicant submits documentation as proof of their legal name, date of birth, social security number and proof of residency in the state. It is a good idea to confirm with a DMV office in Illinois to see what documents would suffice since these requirements may change. Along with submitting these documents you will also have to give up any other licenses you may hold such as a valid but out-of-state license or a commercial driver’s license. You will also be required to surrender any instruction permits you may hold.

After collecting these documents, you need to fill out an Illinois driver’s license form. This is very important for the purposes of signature verification too. An applicant also needs to pass a number of tests before he/she is eligible to apply for a driving license in the state of Illinois. This includes vision screening which a person needs to pass with or without corrective lenses (contacts or spectacles).
A written exam also needs to be attempted and passed before applying for a license. Almost all applicants will also need to take a driving test though some may be exempted from this depending on their situation or previous driving history, if any at all.

Once all the tests have been passed and the form accepted, every applicant has to pay a fee in order for their application to be processed. This may be paid in the form of cash or through a credit card.
None of the tests mentioned above can be taken online though. All applicants must visit a Drivers Services Facility to submit the form, documents and take the required tests.
For drivers under 21 years of age, the requirements may slightly differ for obtaining a license. First of all, they will apply for a graduated driver’s license. This has different requirements for different age groups over 15 years.

What are the basic Illinois dmv change of address documents needed?

In the state of Illinois, all drivers must contact the Secretary of State’s office in case of changing address. You must also fill out a change of address form and submit this. This will be verified and checked along with other documentation such as identification card, social security number, and more. Browse through our pages for more detail.

After moving, should you be contacting dmv when you move Illinois for a license?

If you have permanently moved to Illinois and own a vehicle, you need to get your address changed on your license. If you do not have a license, but are planning to apply for one, the DMV office in your locality must be contacted. The department will tell you about licensing requirements and process for change of address.

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