Massachusetts Driving License

In order to legally drive in the state of Massachusettsdriving license is an absolute requirement to have. All out-of-state residents must obtain a driving license for Massachusetts upon becoming a resident of this state.

The Massachusetts driving license is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and contains your name, date of birth, and address. It also includes a picture for easy identification. Different licenses are issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles depending on the kind of vehicle you operate. A class M license is specific for motorcyclists, while a Class D license is what all drivers in Massachusetts apply for. If you operate heavy vehicles or commercial vehicles, you will have to choose from a separate category of commercial driving licenses.

In order to obtain your Massachusetts driving license, you will have to pass the driving test. This involves clearing two stages which assess your theoretical knowledge and practical driving skills respectively. In order to prepare for the theoretical section, you can obtain a copy of the driving handbook issued for free by the RMV, or download a copy off the internet. Organized into sections for easy reading, you can gain all the information you need regarding traffic laws and interpreting street signs. Practice for the practical test is normally obtained by clearing the series of intermediate licenses for those who are under 18. These intermediate licenses help familiarize you with car safety and develop a sense of proper driving practices. Your practical exam will involve demonstrating your driving skills to an examiner who will ask you to complete a series of tasks. This test can be carried on a closed or open circuit, and you can be asked to show how to parallel park, yield at an intersection and change lanes appropriately.

Once you have cleared both sections, you will have to provide a proof of residency, a valid ID, and a Social Security Number. Your license application will be processed and you will receive your new license in the mail soon. With this, you have free reign to drive anywhere in the state!

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