Michigan Driving License

Are you planning on getting a driver’s license in Michigan? Each state has its own regulator of motor vehicles, usually called the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”).  Therefore each state has its own process, some of which may be particular to its own jurisdiction.

Residents of Michigan need  a Michigan driving license. In order to obtain this license, you have to undergo a rigorous testing procedure made of two parts, the written part and the practical test. In the written part, you will be tested on your understanding of road signs, traffic laws, and appropriate behavior on the roads. Preparing for this part of your test is easy; thoroughly reading a copy of the driver’s handbook can accomplish this. The practical test will be supervised by an examiner who will ask you to complete basic tasks like parallel parking, yielding at intersections, and making correct lane changes. You will also be quizzed on vehicle safety procedures. Completing these components successfully will award you with a Michigan driving license you can use to travel anywhere within the state and beyond.

If you are working as a chauffeur or a cab driver, you will have to apply for a special kind of Michigan driving license called the commercial driving license. For private car-owners however, a standard license will work. All of these applications will be processed by the Secretary of State’s office, which deals with such queries.

If you have recently moved into Michigan and have a valid license from your previous place of residence, you may apply for a temporary permit to drive legally within Michigan. This can be done by approaching the Secretary of State’s office and presenting proof of residency within Michigan, a photograph and proof of citizenship.

All driving licenses have expiry dates. If you wish to continue to drive in Michigan for an extended period of time, you will have to make sure that you renew your registration on time. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines and even a confiscation of your driving privileges.

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