New Jersey Driving License

The laws of New Jersey require all drivers to have a valid driving or provisional license. If applying for a license for the first time, drivers must complete the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program in one of the three ways. This will depend on the age category to which they belong:

  • The Early Bird Road is for applicants aged sixteen years and above;
  • The Young Adult Road is for applicants aged seventeen years and above;
  • The Adult Road is for drivers for applicants aged twenty one years and above.

The first step will be obtaining an examination permit for which you will have to pass the knowledge and vision tests. After that you have to practice supervised driving for a period of at least three months if you belong to the Young Adult road or Adult road. Applicants on the Early Bird Road will have to obtain a student permit and practice supervised driving for six months.

The applicable restrictions will vary. Applicants on the Early Bird Road program will have more restrictions on their student permits and probationary license as compared with the other two programs.

Once you pass the road test conducted by NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, you will be issued a probationary license, provided that you are at least seventeen years old. The basic driver license will require a further one year of unsupervised driving practice. The MVC requires that applicants bring along their provisional license.  In order to obtain a New Jersey driving license, applicants must establish the proof of their identity by passing a 6 Point ID verification to eliminate any risk of identity theft.  They must also provide their full name, current address and Social Security number. License fee of $24 has to be paid either in the form of cash, money order or check. You can also use cards by American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

If you are a new resident in the state and have a valid out of state license then you must apply for an NJ license within sixty days or before your current license expires.  Whichever date comes sooner will be applicable to you. Applicants under the age of eighteen must also furnish a consent form signed by their parent.

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