Washington Driving License

Washington Driving License

Nothing is more exciting than owning your favorite car and having the freedom of driving it around town. As much of a necessity it is, it’s also a luxury and a responsibility. You have to apply for car loans in order to get one and even when you have, there’s a much more comprehensive process to go through. Get different quotes on insurance and then applying for vehicle registration, but most importantly you need a driving license. You cannot obviously drive a vehicle without a valid driving license.
Driving license means you have officially cleared your driving test and are now allowed to drive all by yourself. It can be scary but all you need is confidence in yourself. To get a Washington driving License, you must be a resident of the state of Washington. In order to prove your residency, you need to do the following

  • Register to vote in the state.
  • Receive payments, financial aid, or other public welfare benefits from the state or the local government.
  • Get any state’s license at the resident rate.
  • Pay in state tuition fees as a student
  • Intend to live in this state for more than six months in any one year.

For new residents, you can apply for one within 30 days of becoming a resident. In case your out of state driving license is valid, you don’t need to take the driving test.  Non residents and visitors are allowed to operate vehicles within the state if they have a valid driving license of their home state.
In order to obtain a driving license you should be

  • At least 16 years.
  • Pass the driving test.
  • Pay a $20 permit fee.

The driving license in Washington is issued by the local DMV in Washington. A stringent process of written and practical test must be passed in order to obtain the license. Moreover, a driving test is also conducted before one is officially given the driving license to drive in Washington. One must get the driving license made as soon as possible after purchasing a car and before going out on the road.

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