Massachusetts Driving Permit

According to latest research, there are over 3 million registered cars in the state of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Department must make sure that every driver and owner of a vehicle is licensed to driver. A license is issued to individuals who are skilled enough to operate motorized vehicles and drive safely. The license requirements in Massachusetts typically include clearing a driving test and passing a certain age limit. There are different types of licenses for different categories of motor vehicles.

In the state of Massachusetts, teens that turn 16 are legally allowed to apply for drivers permit. This is similar to a license but has more limitations. Some of the limitations have been mentioned below:

  • Driver must be accompanied by an adult who is over 21 years of age.
  • Driving is only limited from 12:30 am to 5am
  • Teen drivers cannot apply for a regular driver’s license without getting a license permit first, which must be half for at least six months.

Applying for a Drivers permit in Massachusetts
There are certain requirements for obtaining a Massachusetts driving permit. First of all, individuals must be over 16 years of age. There are also various educational requirements that must be fulfilled. Teens must go through a classroom instruction course that comprises of 30 hours. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Department is the only vehicle authority in the state that is makes it mandatory for parents to take classroom training with their children applying for a drivers permit. Apart from this, practical training plays a crucial role.

Teen drivers must spend at least 12 hours in practice. 40 hours of behind -the-wheel training is also compulsory with a parent or guardian. Other documents such as identification cards will also be required when apply for a drivers permit.

Once all these requirements are met, teen drivers can apply for a junior operator’s license. To prepare for the training and the tests, it is recommended that all teens should get their hands on a driver’s manual and sample practice tests. These tests are also available online and can be of great help.

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