North Carolina Driving Permit

Obtaining a North Carolina driving permit is the first step towards gaining a permanent driving license. It also acts as an effective means of developing a sense of road safety and awareness of traffic laws by granting you the right to practice. The skills you learn here are extremely useful in helping you clear your driving test for a permanent license when you apply for it.

In order to get a North Carolina driving permit, you will need to first obtain a Driving Eligibility Certificate from your school. In addition, you will need to approach your local DMV’s branch with a valid proof of identity, proof of residency, and your Social Security card. Because driving permits are issued to individuals under 18 years old, you will need a legal guardian or parent to sign on all the official documents.

Once the paperwork is complete, you will have to pass the vision, sign and written components of the driving test to show your understanding of traffic laws and road safety. After this, you will officially be issued your North Carolina driving permit.
The driving permit does not give you free reign to drive everywhere. For the first six months, you will only be allowed to drive between the hours of 5am and 9pm, accompanied by a supervising driver. The supervising driver must be at least 21 years old and a parent, guardian, or responsible person approved by the parent or guardian who has been licensed for at least 5 years. After the first six months, you are allowed to drive any time as long as you are supervised.

If you have been driving on a permit for a year and do not have any traffic law violations in the past 6 months, you are eligible for the driving test. Passing this test will grant you a Level 2 Learner’s License, allowing you greater freedom as a driver. You will now be able to drive unsupervised and travel greater distances within your state.

Driving is a privilege, and the driving permit allows you to get started on the process of becoming an independent driver.

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