Virginia Driving Permit

In the state of Virginia, teenagers can gain driving privileges once they are fifteen years and six months old, by applying for a Virginia driving permit.

Your application for a learner’s permit must be accompanied with an application for a driver’s license.  You will have to pass a vision screening test, knowledge exam and the road skills test. The two part test will assess the applicants’ knowledge and understanding of the state’s driving handbook. In addition to this, you will be asked for documents proving your identification, Virginia residency and legal presence. If you have been issued with a social security number, you will have to submit a proof of that as well. DMV accepts original documents only and these will be subjected to verification. All applicants less than eighteen years of age are required to submit a written consent by their parents or guardians. Alternatively, you can obtain a court order proving that you are an emancipated individual
A learner’s permit is regulated by certain driving restrictions. You can drive as long as you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is more than or equal to twenty one years of age or at least an eighteen year old legal sibling. This person must be responsible and ready to provide assistance as needed. Drivers falling in the category of ages 16 years, 3 months and age 18 can drive without a licensed driver after successfully holding the learner’s permit for nine months and having their driver education certificate signed by a parent or guardian. But once you have held the permit for nine months, you won’t need the permit anymore. You can obtain a driver’s license. Those above nineteen year of age must hold a learner’s permit for sixty days before they can obtain a driver’s license.

A learner’s permit will cost three dollars but you will have to pay the fee for driver license along with it as well. It will be valid for three to seven years. For drivers under eighteen years of age, this permit will expire on their 20th birthday. The permit will be mailed to the address mentioned in the DMV records.

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