Washington Driving Permit

Many of us are unaware of the difference between driving license and driving permit. Driving license means you have officially passed your driving test and are now eligible to drive on your own. Driving permit however means that you’re allowed to drive but under supervision of an adult that is a person who is of 21 years of age or older. This is done in order to help you learn driving. You have to keep it for a certain amount of time then you are issued a driving license. This amount of time varies for each state.

In Washington, a person should be at least 15 years of age and enrolled in a driving education class. In case one is not enrolled in the class, he or she must wait for until the person is 15 years and 6 months old, and then pass the writing test. These are the conditions which help a person determine if he or she can qualify for applying for a Washington driving permit.

To apply for the permit, visit any driving licensing office and bring the following documents.

  • A valid proof of identification and residency.
  • Payment fee of $20.
  • If the applicant is under the age of18, he/she will require a Parental Authorization Affidavit. Those with neither can get their employer to sign.
  • A signed application from your instructor if the applicant is currently enrolled in a driver’s education class.
  • You must also pass a vision test.

After you have submitted all these documents at the Washington DMV, you will have to appear for a written test at one of the designated examination centers of the region. You can prepare for this by going through Washington DMV’s hand book.

This gives you a comprehensive view of all they can possibly ask you in the test. The book covers all the road signs and warnings, all the suggested procedures to get driving license, its types, circumstances under which it should be renewed and all the safe driving tips.

Once you have successfully passed the test, you are issued a driving permit. It is a legal permission to drive the vehicle under supervision of an adult. Remember you cannot drive alone with this permit. If found guilty of driving alone, your driving permit can be suspended.

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