Georgia Driving Test

The department of motor vehicles in each state assesses new drivers to see whether their driving and knowledge traffic laws meets the minimum standards. , This done through adriving test that measures the capability of a new driver. To be eligible for a driving test you are usually required to  pass MCQ-based knowledge exam on the theoretical knowledge gained either by self study or through a driver’s education course.

In the state of Georgia the knowledge exam is mandatory to be eligible for a permit. Georgia’s driving test comprises of a vision test, knowledge exam and Road Skills test. The visions exam is tested by the means of a mechanical devise where the ideal vision is ‘20 by 60’ with or without contact lenses or spectacles. The knowledge attest on the other hand is comprehensive testing method. There are two parts; the road rules tests and the road signs test. The road rules test covers driver responsibility and the knowledge of the traffic laws and safe driving methods. The road signs test generally deals with the questions regarding the road signs on highways and how important it is to abide by them.

The Georgia driving test or the road skills test requires an appointment with a license examiner who will test you for your skills. This is the practical form of testing which sees whether an individual can work and handle the automobile well behind the wheel. It is important that the vehicle used for this purpose is insured for liability and has proper vehicle registration.

The driving test tests your skills in parallel parking, quick stops, backing, traffic signals, turnabout, the use of clutch, approaching bends and corners etc. are tested. You are also tested for things like your posture during the driving i.e. are you keeping two hands on the wheel or if you are unnecessarily talkative during the test, as well as whether you are maintaining a safe distance from a car ahead of you.

Remember if you fail the Georgia driving test once, you have to wait a day before retesting. If you fail the test twice or more, you have to wait at least seven days to retest. However if you fail the road test because of an accident or a traffic violation, you have to wait 30 days before retesting.

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