New Jersey Driving Test

Taking a car on the road is a huge responsibility. The state of New Jersey enforces strict driving rules and regulations on all streets, roads and highways. In order to determine who is capable of meeting the basic requirements for safely driving a vehicle, the New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) conducts comprehensive testing for all potential drivers.

New Jersey Driving Test
There are three types of basic testing that would be drivers have to undergo in order to qualify for a driving license in New Jersey.

Vision Test – The vision test requires that all applicants for a driving license have a visual acuity of at least 20/50 in one eye or overall but without corrective lenses. In case you need corrective lenses, it will be mandatory for you to wear your lenses at all times when sitting in the driver’s seat. However, if you are unable to pass the vision test, you have to make a doctor’s appointment and fill out the ST-14 form.

Knowledge Test – This stage of testing is quite crucial as statistics indicate that around 70% of test-takers fail to pass it the first time around. The exam tests applicants on various aspects of driving such as rules and regulations as well as traffic laws and road signs.
In order to prepare for the New Jersey driving test, you can use the New Jersey Driver Manual. Though this manual is usually available in English and Spanish from the official website, the test itself can be taken in multiple foreign languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. The test has 50 questions and the applicant has to get at least 40 or 80% of the question right in order to qualify for a driving license. There are also oral tests available in English and Spanish and you can also use an approved interpreter if you are not able to take the knowledge test in your native language or have an impaired hearing.

Road Test – The road test checks for various driving skills such as:

  • Turning around
  • Driving in reverse
  • Stopping smoothly
  • Nearing corners or intersections
  • Sitting properly
  • Stopping at appropriate signs
  • Steering properly

It is possible to schedule your road test online and the actual test takes around ten to fifteen minutes and requires a “6 Point ID Verification.”

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