Pennsylvania Driving Test

Before you can start driving a car independently, you must prove that you have a thorough understanding of how to safely operate your vehicle, and the laws of the road. Each state in America has its own laws regarding driving, which is why the driving tests in every state are often different.
In order to be authorized to drive your vehicle in Pennsylvania, you will have to take the Pennsylvania Driving Test. There are two parts of the test, one of which tests your driving ability and the other tests your understanding of traffic rules. The latter is either in a written or a computerized format. You must pass both tests to be granted a driving license.

Preparing for the Pennsylvania driving test is not hard. You simply need to obtain and read through the driver’s manual for your state to cover the syllabus for the written test. These booklets can be obtained for free either online or via mail by contacting your local DMV, and contain all the material which you will be tested on in the written test. From traffic rules, understanding of traffic signs and appropriate driving behavior when on highways, you need to have a good grasp on it all. These tests are conducted at the DMV as well, and you can simply walk in and take them any time, without any prior appointment.

The practical part of the test, however, requires you to schedule a time in advance. This can be done using the automated system operated by the DMV, and you can choose a date and time best suited to your schedule. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment as early as possible, since there can be quite a long waiting list. The practical test is conducted in the presence of an examiner, who monitors your progress. Here, you will have to prove that you know how to follow the rules of the road. You will also be asked to complete simple tasks like parallel parking, yielding at intersections, and appropriately changing lanes. You may also be quizzed on your understanding of car safety procedures and how to deal with minor emergencies. It is recommended that you complete at least 65 hours of driving under various conditions in order to best prepare for this part of the test.

Once you prove your ability, you will immediately be granted permission to get your driver’s license made and drive independently.

What documents do I need to bring along to my Allentown PA driving test?

The required documents include your valid learner’s permit, a Parent/Guardian Certification form if u are a minor, proof that you have vehicle insurance (this can only be demonstrated by showing the original and valid registration card), proof that you have vehicle registration as well as the valid driver’s license of the accompanying driver. Use other links on our site for more details.

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