Texas Driving Test

Driving license test Texas

Texas, the second largest state in the Union, has millions of licensed drivers and registered vehicles. At any one time, there are hundreds and thousands of vehicles on the state’s roads. Due to this huge volume of traffic, Texas, unfortunately, also has one of the highest numbers of motor vehicle accidents in the country. Driver, passenger and pedestrian safety, therefore, is of great concern to the state’s government. Therefore, only those drivers can legally drive in the state who possess a valid driver license. Not everyone will qualify for a Texas driver license though. Only those who satisfactorily pass the state’s knowledge, vision and driving tests, may be issued the Texas driver license. An applicant has three chances to pass the knowledge and driving tests. If he/she fails then another application will have to be filed with the DMV.

The Knowledge/Written Test
In Texas, those who are under 25 years of age are required to take a driver education course. Upon successful completion of the course, the applicant will be exempted from taking the knowledge test. A grade of 70% or better is required to pass the test.

The Driving Test
Once the written and vision tests are satisfactorily passed, the applicant may be allowed to take the Texas driving test. All driving test applicants are tested on four basic skills:

  • Control
  • Observation
  • Positioning
  • Signaling

An applicant may fail the test if he/she:

  • Violate the laws
  • Does not follow instructions
  • Has a crash or drives dangerously
  • Has more than 30 points deducted on the driving test

Helpful Tips for Passing the Driving License Test, Texas
There are no “tricks” to learn if you want to pass the Texas driving test. The customer service representative assigned to you for information on the test will not try to trick you into doing something which is illegal. The state wants you to pass the test.

Therefore follow all the instructions of the customer service representative. Do not try to start a conversation with the customer service representative. You will pass the test by following rules and not by being friendly. Focus on the directions you get instead.

Can you give me some information about point deductions on Texas driving test?

To get a drivers license in Texas, you need to make sure you don’t get points deducted for failing to perform the following functions: unable to start vehicle, failure to fasten seat belt, failure to use proper signal, driving in wrong lane, failure to observe traffic, passed a stop sign, failure to control gear, climbed or jumped the curb, and more. You can take a look at our page for more detail.

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