How Do I Get a Driver’s License?

Getting your driver’s license is a multi-step process of testing, both written and on the road. You will also need the proper paperwork in order to obtain your driver’s license.

If you want to drive on the roads of the country, you really don’t need a driver’s license. You really just need some keys and the permission of the car owner. Well, you don’t really even need that, do you? When you have hotwiring skills and a penchant for risk taking, you can easily score your own car in a matter of minutes.

But let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you actually want to drive and be legal when you do so. To make sure you are driving legally, you need to follow some of those pesky laws that the state of California has put into place. And no, you can’t blame this on Schwarzenegger, no matter how much you might want to.

So, How Do I Get a Driver’s License?

There are a number of things you need to prove before you can even apply for a driver’s license in the state of California. You must be 15 ? years old to get your learner’s permit first, and then once you pass a series of driving and written tests, then you can get your actual bonafide license. You will also need to fill out a DL 44 form to get consent from a parent to obtain your learner’s permit or license when you’re under 18. Yes, mommy and daddy have to let you sign up for your freedom.

In addition to the written traffic laws test and the driving test, you also need to be able to pass the vision test. If you have contacts or glasses, you might want to wear them when you try this test or you will fail. When you do show up with glasses or contacts, and you pass the test with them on, you will just see that your license restricts you to driving only when you have your vision correction method of choice in place. If you aren’t wearing your glasses or contacts when you drive, you could get into trouble.

Your social security card will also be necessary, so you will need to dig that up from the back of your closet, but you will also need your birth certificate to establish your residency and your place of birth, if those are different. A thumbprint will also be taken when you apply for your license.

Oh, and of course, the DMV is going to take some money from you for the privilege of getting your license, so have a parent bring a checkbook or cash to make sure the DMV is happy.

Do you need a learners permit to get a license?

Yes, you will need to first get a learners permit to be able to apply for a driving license later on. This permit will allow you to get behind the wheel for training purposes. A certain number of training hours behind the wheel have to be completed. For more information about driving permits and licenses, take a look at our pages.

Do you need glasses to get your permit?

Yes, if you have vision problems, you need to wear your glasses when taking a road test or driving with a permit. Vision tests are one of the most basic tests required to pass for any kind of a license or a permit. To find out more about vision tests, requirements of wearing glasses etc, take a look at our pages.

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